Workplace Crises & Labor Relations

Workplace Crises & Labor Relations

Even the most ethics-driven individuals and organizations can find themselves with workplace problems that touch on the most sensitive, personal and emotional matters. We have provided expert counsel to organizations and individuals facing these difficult issues.

Representative Workplace Crises & Labor Relations Experience

  • High-profile community non-profit organization faces leadership crisis as Board terminates CEO, creating confusion among community partners and temporary leadership uncertainties
  • Private equity firm acquires national direct mail company and initiates emergency misappropriation of trade secret litigation following the sudden exodus of top staff who joined former CEO’s newly launched competing company
  • Owners of popular restaurant group face viral social media campaign by disgruntled former employees falsely alleging unfair treatment of workers regarding Black Lives Matter stance and violations of COVID protocols
  • Potential PETA-instigated animal rights claim against a national egg producer; successful diffusion of issue prevents unwanted publicity
  • Animal rights protest and social media campaign against global research and testing laboratory serving the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries
  • Fast food franchisee involved in federal labor relations trial after workers involved with unionization attempt are terminated for disparaging the company and its products
  • Unionized plant closing, resulting in extensive employee layoffs in an economically vulnerable region of the U.S.
  • Regional building services management company facing organized protest campaign and hunger strike against its big box retail customers regarding worker wages
  • Prominent physician faces accusations of sexual harassment and licensing board suspension
  • Professional association facing media inquiries and negative publicity after high-ranking officer charged with sexual misconduct with a minor
  • Prestigious private boarding school investigated by state law enforcement agencies regarding claims by former students of sex abuse by former teacher
  • Discovery of weapon in child’s locker at public school and subsequent media coverage
  • Allegations related to the hiring of convicted sex offender by private school
  • Investigation and media coverage of sexual abuse allegations against high-ranking church official
  • Class action Fair Labor & Standards Act litigation against national retail company
  • Crisis communications and planning for public school districts, including school shooting tabletop exercises and drills
  • High-profile sexual harassment and employment discrimination lawsuits against private and public companies
  • Child sexual abuse allegations against local and national nonprofit organizations
  • Gender discrimination lawsuit against private social club
  • Closely-held corporation facing employee embezzlement and subsequent murder/suicide
  • Litigation and legal matters surrounding the accidental death of an employee
  • Employee resignation issues amidst government investigation of major financial institution
  • Federal indictment of banking executives for insider trading and other corporate malfeasance

Case Study

A popular restaurant chain became the subject of an aggressive workers’ rights and activist campaign after it terminated undocumented immigrant workers. Rotenberg Associates, Washington, DC and Minneapolis, assisted the client to develop a strategy to manage and minimize media coverage of staged demonstrations, developed customer communications, managed vendor relations and interactions with activist organization, and developed a successful government relations strategy.


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