Law Firms

Law Firms

Law firms and their attorneys provide essential professional service to their clients facing legal, regulatory and business challenges. But when faced with a critical issue involving their own firm or related to their own attorneys and staff, law firms trust the experience and sophisticated counsel of Rotenberg Associates.

Representative Law Firms Experience

  • Plaintiff-focused law firm faces allegations of race discrimination by current and former attorneys of color
  • Law firm name partner investigated by federal authorities for criminal collusion with client resulting in a midnight search warrant and raid of the law firm’s offices
  • Break in of prominent law firm resulted in the theft of confidential client and customer computer data requiring disclosures under federal privacy laws and potential compromising of client’s litigation position
  • Attorneys seek counsel, message development and media coaching in context of representation of a family of a young man killed in one of the nation’s highest profile police shooting cases that led to city-wide riots
  • Media scrutiny and social media exposure of law firm’s representation of non-profit organization with alleged ties to sanctioned foreign regime
  • Mysterious unsolved murder of law firm attorney raises questions of security for staff and clients and ongoing reputational issues
  • State bar association faces media and community scrutiny related to the arrest and conviction of bar association’s incoming President for rape of a minor
  • Name partner of well-known law firm departs suddenly to launch new competing law firm
  • Law firm faces extensive national media scrutiny and potential regulatory action concerning debt collection practices
  • Law firm partner arrested and terminated for possession of child pornography found on law firm computer

Case Study

A prominent national law firm came under attack from media regarding its representation of an organization with alleged ties to a U.S. sanctioned foreign regime. Soon, advocacy groups and other of the firm’s clients expressed concern and demanded answers. Rotenberg Associates delved into the issues, developed messaging and fact sheets, and used its key relationships with Washington, DC opinion leaders and media to educate on the facts and get the story retracted.


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