Complex Litigation/Class Actions

Complex Litigation/Class Actions

Complex litigation and other litigation tribunals are no place for the unskilled. We know the law, we know the courtrooms, and we use our legal experience to coordinate legal and communications strategies. This coordinated, synchronized approach ensures that legal and reputational interests are advanced together and are never at odds with each other.

Representative Complex Litigation/Class Actions Experience

  • High profile shareholder trial against national subscription company and related discrimination case
  • National news organization defends itself in largest defamation trial in U.S. history concerning investigative report of “pink slime” in nation’s meat supply
  • Debt collection industry leader falsely accused of illegal collection tactics in litigation papers; allegations in the case go viral via national broadcast, print, and social media
  • Class action litigation against major peanut supplier after salmonella outbreak resulted in several deaths
  • $20 billion class action litigation against global company concerning diseased animal feed and the subsequent closure of international borders to food exports
  • Multidistrict class action against pharmaceutical company
  • Professional malpractice lawsuit against architecture firm by school district
  • Global office product supplier’s federal court proceedings regarding the termination of long-standing consulting and service agreements
  • Professional standards association facing lawsuit from academic institution after the institution’s accreditation is revoked
  • Manufacturer charged with patent infringement by competitor
  • Collections firm facing multi-billion dollar lawsuit for harassment of debtors
  • Leading media and news organization faces largest defamation trial in U.S. history concerning its multipart reporting about common beef product and the subsequent alleged damage to the beef producer
  • Real estate developer faces litigation and significant unfavorable news coverage of university housing project and claims of corruption against university administrators that authorized the project

Case Study

Competition can be fierce, but when a competitor to one of our clients was making false claims about its product in the marketplace, they called Rotenberg Associates, Washington, DC and Minneapolis, for help. We devised a strategic response to put pressure on the competitor to stop its false advertising claims, which included scientific testing, trade and mainstream media relations, customer communication and an action brought in the National Advertising Division (of the Better Business Bureau).


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