About Us

About Us

Rotenberg Associates is an attorney-led crisis management firm with decades of legal, business, and strategic communications experience. We serve our national and international clients from our offices in Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN. Our unique blend of legal and communications skills provides clients with the most strategic, tactical, and disciplined counsel for their critical issues. Clients benefit from our longstanding relationships with a nationwide network of current and former public officials, lawyers, cybersecurity experts, forensic accountants, private investigators, and media and opinion leaders. We have helped hundreds of clients protect their hard-earned reputations when faced with legal, business, and media challenges.


Amy K. Rotenberg, Esq.


As founder and president of Rotenberg Associates, Amy combines nearly two decades of experience in crisis management and strategic communications with 10 years as a trial attorney. She provides strategic communications counsel to clients facing high stakes publicity in connection with federal and state litigation, government investigations, product recalls, employee malfeasance, media probes, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and spinoffs. Whether advocating a high profile issue before the national media or Congress, or rehabilitating the reputation of a corporate executive, Amy helps clients at the intersection of legal claims, regulatory attacks and media scrutiny. Amy has extensive experience working with clients in healthcare, higher education, food, financial services, professional sports, non-profits and news media.


Joy Scott, MBA

Joy Scott, MBA, is a public relations and marketing innovator with a deep expertise in health care, insurance and the technology related to those industries. Her passion is finding the right message and right campaign for a company, product or individual to build their brand with impact. Corporations, entrepreneurs, activists and authors have benefitted from the drive and originality brought by Joy and her team at Scott Public Relations.


PR Boutiques International

Rotenberg Associates is a proud member of PR Boutiques International, an elite network of select PR firms from across the globe whose principals have held senior positions in large PR companies and multinational corporations. Rotenberg Associates clients can benefit from our status as the exclusive PRBI member firm in Minnesota and Washington, DC, and the access it affords to the broad geographical reach and specific expertise of PRBI’s network of outstanding professionals.


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