About Us

Rotenberg Associates is a boutique, attorney-led strategic communications firm. We provide decades of legal, business, and strategic communications experience. This unique blend of skills allows our clients to receive the most strategic, tactical, and disciplined counsel for their critical issues. We have helped hundreds of clients protect their hard-earned reputations when faced with legal, business, and media challenges. We can help you too.


PR Boutiques International

Rotenberg Associates is a proud member of PR Boutiques International (PRBI), an elite network of select PR firms from across the globe whose principals have held senior positions in large PR companies and multinational corporations. Rotenberg Associates clients can benefit from our status as the exclusive PRBI member firm in Minnesota, and the access it affords to the broad geographical reach and specific expertise of PRBI’s network of outstanding professionals. Rotenberg Associates has effectively handled critical matters both large and small, and can seamlessly assemble and direct the right team to meet all of our client needs. Click here to visit PRBI’s website.